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Indian Jewellery

"Beautiful Indian kundan jewellery for weddings, brides, bridesmaids, mehendi functions, shaadi celebrations, parties. A variety of designs consisting of zircon, kundan work and beads which can be worn on any attire."



 Bindis / Tatoos

"We make bindis for all occasions and parts of your body. Coming in attractive shapes and designs, we have an ultimate collection to beautify your body. Commonly called as body jewels, body dots, body stickers, bindis hold a special importance in a woman's life and FusionJewels makes it more special, more functional, and more attractive."

Bindis / Tatoos s : Below Rs. 500  |  Between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000  |  Above Rs. 1000

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 Forehead Bindis
Elegant Zircons Studded Stylish Forehead Bindi's
Rs. 145.00  
Detailed Picture
 Bindis and Tattoo's
Ethnic Zircons and Beads Studded in Designer Body or Arm Tattoo
Rs. 275.00  
Color Variations
Detailed Picture
 Bindis / Tatoos
Stylish Beads and Zircons Studded Body or Arm Bracelet Tattoo
Rs. 225.00  
Color Variations
Detailed Picture
 Forehead Bindis
Desginer Stone Studded Gold Range of Bindis
Rs. 295.00  
Detailed Picture
 Forehead Bindis
Stylish Multi-Color Packet of Bindi's Studded with Stones and Beads
Rs. 125.00  
Detailed Picture
 Body Tattoo / Arm Bracelet Style Tattoo
Fusion Style Beads and Stones Studded Body or Arm Bracelet Tattoo
Rs. 225.00  
Color Variations
Detailed Picture
1 to 6 of 12 item(s) displayed

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